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Welcome to the Children's Shelter of Blackstone Valley

Every child deserves to experience a childhood in a loving, supportive home, to re-ceive adequate protection, nutrition, affection and guidance. Some children don't have that chance and experience physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Others are neglected or abandoned. Children who experience these negative and threatening situations need to be removed from a hostile or unhealthy environment. The Children's Shelter of Blackstone Valley is an emergency safe home, a neutral setting, where children can begin to heal.

Our private non-profit agency was founded in 1979:

to serve the children of the state of Rhode Island, who are the victims of abuse and neglect; provide an emergency residential crisis and assessment center with a safe, therapeutic environment for boys and girls; and to act as advocates and representatives for all abused, neglected and abandoned children.

The boys and girls, who need our care, are as young as a few weeks old up to twelve years of age. All of them have been traumatized by their tragic experiences. We provide a warm, sunny environment with trained staff to deliver the best quality care for these young children while they struggle with their pain and uncertainty.

Our Safe Home is small and comfortable and not anything like an institution. We are staffed and ready, day and night, 365 days a year to provide a therapeutic environment for any child who needs us. We are, effectively, first responders on the road to each child's recovery.

When children arrive, they are given nutritious food, clean weather-appropriate clothing, and a warm bed, assistance with personal hygiene, individual attention, nurturing care, and educational and recreational experiences. The children are evaluated by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker so that therapy can begin and a recommendation for future placement can be made. During their short stay, the children are prepared for the return to their own families, placement with safe relatives, or referred for foster or pre-adoptive care.

Foster families also can use our respite services when personal or emergency situations arise. They can be confident that the children will be kept safe while they need to be away or to deal with personal matters.

All children deserve protection and immediate interventions to help them to achieve a bright future. We have provided these services for over thirty years and are dedicated to continuing to care for every child who needs us.