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From The Director

Boys and girls who have been harmed by those they have trusted are understandably scared and confused.  In my role as the Executive Director, I have seen hundreds of frightened children helped when given the opportunity to stay in our warm, sunny home. From their first steps in the door until the day they move to a next placement, they are treated with respect and compassion. They have found comfort in our nurturing environment, their tummies have been filled, they have been provided with warm clothing, and their minds have been eased about their personal safety. During this time, state caseworkers have been afforded time to locate the best future placement for each child.

Our staff, which works directly with abused and neglected boys and girls must be kind, compassionate, caring, creative and trained members of a team that will promote and ensure the emotional, mental and physical well being of each child. These workers are dedicated to keeping children safe, healthy and better prepared for the future. I appreciate their eager participation in our overall goal of protection, and healing of these young victims and I praise them for their obvious level of caring.

While we have children in our temporary safe home, we are given the opportunity to engage all of the boys and girls in positive experiences, to help them to trust caring adults and to play co-operatively with their peers. Most recently, we have had a lot of sibling groups - two, three or four in a family. They have been able to stay together as rehabilitation has begun. We are able to give them hope for a brighter future.

We have always been connected to the community. I want to thank our numerous individual and corporate friends who have supported our efforts over the years. If you are new to our mission, would you think about joining us as we protect the little ones who have started out life with a burden? You would be assisting with their emotional and physical healing, happiness and their roadmap to a brighter future.

Today's children are tomorrow's citizens and leaders.  We must help them to build a solid foundation so that they can become strong, confident members of society.  They need our loving care and support so that they can have a wholesome and healthy life.

We are committed to the continuation of excellent care for each and every child who needs us. We are always learning better ways of doing things, developing tighter policies and practices that protect children. We adapt to changing circumstances and financial situations. Everyday, we are grateful for the opportunity to change the lives of children for the better.

John Microulis, Executive Director

If you suspect child abuse or neglect, please call your state child abuse hotline.